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The R&D strategy is our blueprint for success in the years ahead. It describes how we plan to advance innovative therapies that patients and payers will value. It prioritizes the targets and technologies that Brainrootz Labs finds most promising, and identifies ways to maximize productivity. The strategy is inspired, in part, by new and historic breakthroughs in biology


we have worked tirelessly to discover Devices that make life better. We bring this same determination to our work today, uniting our expertise with the creativity of research partners across the globe to keep finding ways to make life better. Research is a primary focus at Brainrootz Labs with numerous initiatives targeting both identified market opportunities and the challenge of unmet medical needs.Quality is a fundamental value that we instill in all our employees, which reinforces our commitment to our customers. Our products pass through stringent tests backed by quality systems that ensure compliance with international standards.This strategy is comprised of five major components:

Redefine our R&D Guiding Principles

  • Focus on innovative Devices for unmet needs in patients with serious illnesses.
  • Pursue targets that are validated in humans.
  • Maintain an expansive toolkit of drug modalities with a focus on biologics.
  • Focus on return on investment and operational efficiency.
  • Harness external innovation.
  • Demonstrate the value of our Devices.