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Health, Safety and Environment

We are committed to achieve zero harm to our people and to our surroundings. It is part of our culture, and we see it as a precondition for providing sustainable productivity enhancement.

Where we operate we will ensure:

  • That health and safety of our employees and other persons working under our control is a top priority. We believe that injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented and that travel related risks can be managed.
  • That subcontractors comply with this policy and are selected with Health, Safety and Environment performance as part of the criteria.
  • That our activities minimize their environmental impacts, while mitigating climate change. We believe that they should not only comply with legal and other obligations, but also prevent pollution and utilize resources in a sustainable manner

Our values lay the foundation upon which our Health, Safety and Environment management is built:

  • Competence ‐ people are the key to improving HSE. Employees are therefore trained to ensure they have the competencies to work safely and how to protect the environment
  • Cooperation ‐ cooperation between employees, contractors and customers is of the utmost importance for HSE performance. To achieve objectives, teams must be interdependent, sharing best practices and supporting one another
  • Responsibility ‐ We all have a responsibility to promote HSE at work in accordance with applicable legislation and other requirements. Management will implement, periodically review and improve certified HSE management systems. Management is accountable for the allocation of appropriate resources to achieve the objectives set