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Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR activities are rooted in the knowledge that businesses have a duty to enable all living beings to get a fair share of the planet’s resources. Brainrootz has been making a positive difference over the years in the lives of communities in India. Brainrootz’s CSR initiatives spring from an ingrained sense of giving back to society and focuses on social factors which impact the way Brainrootz does business.

“Our vision is to help in building a vibrant India with inclusive growth.”


Whilst being committed to excellence and total customer satisfaction through team work, ceaseless innovation and timely delivery of quality products of international standards, we recognize our responsibilities towards social and environmental dimensions of our business and thus aim to visibly play a leading role within our spheres of influence.

We will strive to be a leader while continuing our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We affirm our commitment to contribute to nation building measures through improving quality of life of our workforce, their families and the communities of the area we exist and beyond.

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

  1. We are fully committed to develop and operate a safe, healthy and clean environment to protect vital human resources, plant, machinery and the environment from the hazards and risk through;
  2. Complying with applicable environmental, Occupational health & safety legislations and requirement of all interested parties.
  3. Continually improving the processes, work practices for prevention of Pollution, ill health and injury, resources conservation and risk minimization through objectives driven targets.
  4. Ensuring safe work practices towards achieving “Zero Incident and prevention from ill health”.
  5. Continual improvement in all areas of working with special emphasis through;

Environment, Health & Safety Objectives

  • Resource optimization through improvement in material efficiency.
  • Energy, water saving by identified improvement projects in integrated Management Program.